“Does Anyone Have the Time?”

Feestet’s Debut Release

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Does anyone have the time by Feestet, album artwork

About the Single

“Does Anyone Have the Time” is a modern-day jazz anthem, capturing the monotony and grind of our busy lives. Feestet wrote the song during an afternoon when those ‘Sunday Scaries’ were top of mind.

“We wanted to express the struggle of juggling work life with personal obligations and passions,” says frontwoman Helen Feest. “We also had to make room for spicy jazz improvisation to top it all off.”

Origins of Feestet

Fans know Feestet (pronounced “Feest-tet”) in many iterations: a duet, quartet, quintet, and lately, a sextet. Feestet formed out of the New Breed Jazz Jam–a popular Madison jazz jam that ran for over 20 years.

Cutting their teeth on the Great American Songbook, Feestet has performed at several notable Madison-area venues and events: North Street Cabaret, Cafe Coda, the Tasting Room of Monona, and the Madison Jazz Festival. New fans often say: “I don’t like jazz much, but I loved that!”

Thus, Feestet dubs their sound “gateway jazz.”

Jazz gets a bad rap for being too ‘elitist’ or ‘difficult’. Feetet’s mission is to create jazz music loved by all people: songs that non-jazz lovers can enjoy. Songs that will perk the ears of jazz enthusiasts. Songs that harken back and push forward this timeless genre.

In addition to the vocal stylings of Helen Feest, the regular lineup of Feestet includes several young Madison jazz luminaries. These include Luke Leavitt on piano, Anthony Utehs on guitar, Ari Smith on bass, and Matty Benjamin Allen on drums.

A Last-Minute Addition to the Sound

Weeks before Feestet’s first recording date, Frank McKearn IV and his Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) joined the group. The ultra-rare EVI has a fascinating history. Produced for a few years in the ’80s, there are less than a dozen existing EVI’s in the world. The EVI produces a synthesized sound like a trumpet – adding a modern sound steeped in the jazz tradition to Feestet.

Frank hails from Beloit, WI. He has made a name for himself by performing with many Midwest greats, including Darren Sterud, Tony Barba, and Fareed Haque.

Performers & Credits

Helen Feest – vocals, lyrics

Anthony Utehs – guitar, music, lyrics

Ari Smith – bass

Luke Leavitt – piano

Matty Allen – percussion

Frank Mckearn IV – Electronic Valve Instrument

Madison-Area Contributors

Kristin Shafel

Album Artwork & Band Photography

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Audrey Martinovich

Audio Engineer, Audio for the Arts

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